Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

TAG is a group of experts in various fields that relate to the technical subjects and aspects of the stories presented in the show. The purpose of TAG is to assure expert knowledge in all areas of the show. Members of this group will provide input to assure accuracy, realism and the nail biting suspense that will be characteristic of the show. This highly qualified group will help to assure that the depiction of scenes and action sequences that require theory and practical professional understanding are shown in the most accurate manner possible.

The company’s desire is that this team of God Inspired individuals will help in accomplishing the tasks set before the Production Company. Time requirements for board members will vary, but structurally membership will require several hours per month of virtual meetings and familiarizing themselves with each screenplay. Technical aspects of the screenplay and the film schedule will determine the type of expertise needed and the schedule requirements for each expert. Discussion of each episode’s Biblical and Scriptural use will be required before shows go to filming.

The current group of Board Members is as follows:

The board is currently looking for Members


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